Medical Crowdfunding

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At Medical Crowdfunding, we approve all campaigns before they launch. Please allow us up to 24 hours to look over a pending campaign, making sure it adheres to our community policies before it appears on the site. 

In order for your campaign to be approved, please follow these steps: 

   1. Make sure you have your campaign is supported by Medical Crowdfunding’s mission statement (link the mission statement here)

   2. Double-check that any language or images used is free of spelling and grammar errors and you have access to. Meaning all the language is original and all the images used in your campaign does not violate any copyright laws. 

   3.  Reach out to people in your community to share the campaign widely to their social media network

   4. Wait for Medical Crowdfunding to approve your campaign and you’re all set!

Submit your campaign 2-3 days before you plan to launch so that there is time to move through the approval process or correct any errors. As long as a campaign falls in line with our community standards, in general, we approve almost all campaigns.  

Please note: Any campaigns that display images or language that is pornographic, derogatory, or harms children will result in that user being permanently banned from the site and their campaign being removed.